Financial Crisis



Advice and assistance working with hospital billing department

WM is an 82 year old veteran seeking assistance with a Medicare/collections issue. WM had a brief stay in a hospital and received a bill for his treatment. Medicare covered the cost, but he is still receiving collections notices from the hospital for additional services that were not rendered. A representative from Medicare told WM that the additional debt would be dismissed, but over a year later he is still receiving collections notices and the amount is still showing up in his credit report. Client seeks assistance in correcting this matter and having debt removed from his credit report.

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Representation in lawsuit against furniture company; assistance in filing hardship application or contesting judgment regarding car repossession

In March 2018, AJ purchased $2,000 worth of furniture for her 7 children from a store; she paid in cash and was given a receipt. Despite numerous attempts to follow up with the owner, AJ never received the furniture. As a result, her children have been sleeping on the floor for a year. AJ is seeking an attorney who could file a complaint in Small Claims Court and attempt to recover the money she paid as well as possible treble damages if there has been a CFA violation. In a separate matter, AJ’s car was repossessed after her payments increased and she was no longer able to afford them. She owes approximately $7,000, and her wages are being garnished. She is seeking assistance in either filing a hardship application to reduce the garnishment or contesting the underlying judgment.

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JD 19E-1000493


Removal from personal injury suit complaint ; April 20 (must respond to summons or face summary judgement)

JC is a veteran seeking assistance getting himself removed from a personal injury case. JC's grandson was involved in a car accident while driving JC's wife's vehicle. JC's wife is deceased, but did not leave the car to JC when she died. JC was erroneously identified as the owner of the vehicle and included in the personal injury suit against his grandson. He was served on March 23 with a summons and has 35 days to reply before he is at risk of summary judgement against him. JC has very limited funds and can barely pay rent. He needs immediate assistance in addressing the summons and being removed from the case.

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JD 19E-1000492


Advice and negotiation

JD, a senior veteran, seeks assistance with a withholding issue. JD's wife was a VA Medical Center Employee for many years. She died in 2018, leaving the client with very little income. JD struggles to pay basic expenses and to care for his young grandson, who lives him. JD's wife had significant back pay owed to her from the VA, to which JD is now entitled. After multiple attempts by JD to collect these funds, the VA has been unresponsive. JD seeks assistance in working with the VA to receive these back payments.

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Special Civil trial date March 21, 2019

DC was in a car accident. She is being sued by an insurance company as a subrogee from seeking recovery for damages the company paid out to the individual in the car accident. After trying to put in a claim with her own insurance company, DC discovered she has only personal injury coverage, not liability and therefore DC’s claim was denied. DC said she has no assets and her only source of income is SS disability benefits. A special civil part trial is scheduled for March 21.

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Prepare and file petition

Veteran, TB, seeks assistance with a complex expungement issue. TB has a conviction that was discharged after pre-trial intervention, an indictable offense, and a dismissal that are all eligible for expungement under the new October 2018 NJ expungement law. He also has eight felony convictions on his criminal record that do not belong to him, which has been confirmed by the Public Defender. Client requires assistance in filing his expungement petition and removing the erroneous felony convictions off of his record.

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Prepare and file petition

GD, a veteran, seeks assistance with criminal expungement and document collection. GD appears eligible for expungement, but needs assistance obtaining documentation on his sealed juvenile record in New York. Once it is determined that he is indeed eligible, GD will require assistance filing his petition.

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Essex County - SSI/SSD Appeal

Litigation for SSI/SSD appeal for client based in Newark

DA is a single mother of two small children. She has experienced pain which has prevented her from working. She applied for SSI disability, but has been denied. DA tried to appeal on her own and was also denied. She has new medical evidence and is now trying her second appeal. Client will have a hearing, but the date has not been set yet.

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