Negotiation with district regarding evaluations, comp. ed., and placement

DH is a 13-yr-old who just completed the 8th grade. He is classified as OHI and has been diagnosed with ADHD, Major Depressive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and also has issues with auditory and language processing. Despite having high grades in elementary school, his grades worsened and his anxieties increased in middle school. Earlier this year, DH’s neurodevelopment pediatrician recommended that DH be placed in a therapeutic school with small group teaching and regular access to counseling, which DH’s mother, KH, requested. The district first decided to make changes to his program, but DH’s anxiety continued to increase. In May, the district again changed DH’s placement, removing him from the general education classroom. KH requested an independent psychiatric evaluation, and the evaluating psychiatric stated that DH may benefit from a therapeutic school. KH wrote to the district requesting an out-of-district placement, but her request was denied. KH is seeking independent evaluations (if necessary), compensatory related services for the lack of appropriate therapeutic services in DH’s IEP, and a FAPE placement in a therapeutic out-of-district school.

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Client is Spanish speaking. Negotiation with district regarding evaluations, eligibility, IEP, and comp. ed.

SC is an 8-yr-old entering 2nd grade who has been diagnosed with ADHD and Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD). She has behaved aggressively at school and the district would contact her mother, ER, daily to pick her up. In September 2016, ER sent a written request for evaluation for special education, which the district ignored. ER sent a follow up letter in October 2016. Over a month later, the district convened an evaluation planning meeting, but told ER, incorrectly that she first had to refer SC to the I&RS committee for general education interventions. SC’s behavior remained problematic. In February 2017, ER obtained a private neurodevelopmental evaluation of SC which found that in addition to the ADHD and ODD, SC has learning disabilities, including developmental dyslexia. ER advised the district of these findings, and renewed her request for an evaluation. In March, the district consented to evaluate SC. ER does not know whether the evaluations have been completed, but if they have, she has not received copies of any reports. In June, the district referred SC to a program for children with emotional problems, which she attended in the mornings, but she was discharged after only nine days because the program suspected she might have autism. ER is seeking copies of the reports of the district’s evaluation and an immediate determination of eligibility for special education and related services, development of an appropriate IEP that includes services for dyslexia as well as a specific learning disability and supports and services for ADHD and ODD including a BIP, and compensatory educational services if warranted.

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Child support modification and stay of enforcement.  Preparation of motion to decrease child support and representation at hearing.

EH is seeking attorney assistance with modifying an existing child support order.  He was enlisted in the military when child support was established.  EH is a veteran who suffers from PTSD.  He is currently in a full-time in-patient program at the VA and unable to work in any capacity.  EH is expected to remain in this program until early next year.  Because of his PTSD he will be unable to continue working in the security field.  EH needs to file an application with the family court to modify his child support obligation, and he needs to request a temporary stay of enforcement while he is receiving treatment in this program.

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Client is Spanish speaking. Negotiation with district regarding IEP and placement

NT is an 11-yr-old student who just completed 5th grade. She is classified as having a language disorder and placed in an in-district pull-out resource program. NT’s mother, ET, believes her daughter has not made progress academically and has severe social, emotional, and behavioral problems at home. About a year ago, she was diagnosed with autism, but the district does not acknowledge this diagnosis. ET is seeking representation at an upcoming IEP meeting to request an appropriate IEP and placement.

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Seeking attorney to prepare AS's will

AS is a 54-year-old, Army veteran seeking to have a will drafted. AS is disabled, with service-connection through the VA. AS plans to leave any assets he has at the time of his death, to his son, step-daughter, and home health aide. AS has a few minor assets, and less than $100 worth of debt.

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BF's father passed away in February 2016. When BF went to probate her father’s will, her step mother claimed there was no will, although she, BF and BF’s siblings are all named in the will. The court has accepted the will, but BF is seeking a consultation with an attorney to review what she needs to do in order to move forward in the probate process, address her father’s estate (now in foreclosure) and resolve his passing wishes. 

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Advice and representation to administer estate of deceased uncle. Attorney must have prior experience handling estate administration matters. 

AB is a veteran client seeking assistance in probating his uncle’s estate.  In 1970’s AB’s mother and his uncle jointly purchased a home in Essex County as tenants in common.  Parties shared equal ownership of the home.  Later, uncle died intestate leaving his two sons as his only beneficiaries.  One of the son’s applied and became the administrator of the uncle’s estate.  However, the administration of this estate was never completed. Years later, client’s mother became very ill and transferred her interest in the home to her daughter, AB’s sister.  At the time of the transfer AB nor his sister were aware that uncle’s estate had a remaining interest in the home.  AB and his sister paid the outstanding mortgage and taxes on the property.  The home is in need of major renovations.  AB’s sister sold him the home for a nominal amount and transferred the title to him.  Believing he was the sole owner of the property, AB took out an unsecured personal loan so he could begin making repairs.  AB tried to refinance the property so he can finish all repairs to the home.  At that time he learned that uncle’s estate still has an interest in the home.  AB must settle the estate before he can move forward with additional repairs.  AB believes his cousins may waive their interest to this property.  AB is seeking a consultation with an attorney to discuss his options.  

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Review of file and discussion of legal options

JD is a disabled veteran.  In October 2015, he signed a contract with a company that specializes in solar energy services.  The company agreed to install solar panels in his home.  However, the panels were not sufficient to power his home.  The contract JD signed also lists someone else’s name and address as the homeowner.  In addition, JD is now being billed both by the solar company and by his utility company each month, which he cannot afford.  The solar company is now demanding payment.  It has suggested that JD could enter into a payment plan, but he is living paycheck to paycheck and is unable to pay the amount they have requested each month.  JD is seeking an attorney to review the contract and determine if the charges for which he is being billed are appropriate, and what his options are.

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Prepare application for discharge upgrade

AB joined the Army in 2010.  She served until 2013, when she was separated.  She received a general under honorable status based upon a pattern of misconduct.  AB believes that she was targeted by her commanding officers in retaliation for reporting certain activity in her unit, including her rape, and that several minor incidents were inflated in order to have her removed.  She is seeking assistance in filing an application for a discharge upgrade. Military file has been vetted by an attorney experienced in military law, and determined AB has strong case for an upgrade. 

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Prepare bankruptcy petition and representation at 341 hearing

SH is a 41-year-old woman seeking assistance with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. She has approximately $37,000 in debt, which may all be dischargeable; $10,000 in credit card debt, $5000 in medical bills and $2,000 in IRS debt. She also owes around $20,000 in auto loans.

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middlesex county - contractor dispute

Representation in Law Division trial against contractor. Trial – 10/23/17

MH, a senior citizen, hired a contractor to repair her Sandy-damaged home.  She paid him in full, but much of the work was never completed and the work that was has failed several inspections.  The approximate total of damages is $49,500.  MH made multiple written and verbal requests for the contractor to finish the work or correct what was done improperly, but he refused.  MH hired a new contractor to fix the mistakes and finish the remaining work.  She then filed a lawsuit against the original contractor in Chancery Court; the case was recently transferred to the Law Division.  A trial has been scheduled for October 2017.  MH is seeking representation in the lawsuit.

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Review of military records and consultation

JT served in the Marines for nearly three years without incident.  While on guard one day, he witnessed a suicide.  After this event, JT began having mental health issues and ultimately self medicated with illegal drugs.  He tested positive during a routine drug test and was discharged OTH.  JT has been diagnosed with PTSD as a result of his experience.  He hopes to upgrade his discharge status to access VA benefits.

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