Advocating for Veterans



Prepare and file motion for removal of guardianship

HW is a veteran seeking assistance removing state guardianship. HW was assigned a state-appointed guardian when he fell into a coma last year. He is now recovered and living independently. However, because the guardian still has control of his finances, he has struggled to handle his own affairs. He seeks assistance drafting a motion to remove the state's guardianship. VLJ has already contacted the Office of the State Guardian, who has indicated that they will not contest the removal. HW needs assistance preparing and submitting the motion to remove guardianship with the Passaic Surrogate Court.

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Addressing fraudulent debt and stopping creditor harassment

PP is a veteran seeking assistance with an ID theft matter. While PP was serving overseas in the Navy, his ID was stolen and purchases were made in his name without his authorization. When he returned home to the US, PP started to receive harassing calls from creditors for thousands of dollars of debt for purchases he did not make. He is seeking assistance in disputing the fraudulent debts and stopping the creditor harassment.

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