Warren County



Representation in filing for due process to secure IEEs and appropriate placement

NB is a 9-year-old 3rd-grader who has been diagnosed with ADHD, bipolar disorder, learning disabilities, PTSD from childhood trauma, severe skin and food allergies, and asthma. In December 2018, she was placed by DCPP with her grandmother, LM. NB’s latest IEP lists no evaluations, assessments, or testing, and includes only her ADHD diagnosis but none of her psychiatric diagnoses. In March, NB began exhibiting mood changes and aggression at school, fighting with peers, and expressing feelings of sadness over prior abuse from her mother. In April, NB reported that she hated herself and wanted to be dead, but LM was told that there were no counselors available that day. Later that day, NB threw furniture and kicked and hit school staff. The school imposed a two-day out-of-school suspension for “failure to follow procedure” and required LM take NB to a psychiatrist. Since then, NB has not returned to school and has been receiving home instruction. At an IEP meeting a few weeks later, LM requested a therapeutic placement, which was recommended by NB’s private psychiatrist, but the district verbally denied the request. LM also made a written request for IEEs; the district has not yet responded. LM is seeking representation in filing for due process to secure IEEs and an appropriate placement for NB.

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Representation to restore license

DS, a veteran, had his license erroneously suspended after he was mistakenly charged with illegally passing a school bus. While the underlying charges have been dismissed by the Municipal Court, DS's license was not restored. DS was then charged with driving on a suspended license and failure to pay fines associated with suspension. He seeks assistance in restoring his license and dismissing the surcharges that have resulted from the suspension and failure to pay fines.

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