Emergent Relief



Order of Emergent Relief directing the Vocational Technical School to return LH to school; Order directing the Vocational Technical School to provide LH with compensatory educational services and a Determination of the amount and type of services required; and Complete multi-disciplinary reevaluation of LH.

LH is a 9th grade special education student, who began high school at a Vocational Technical School District, after completing 8th grade in his home district. He has been out of school since December 2018 because the Vocational Technical School district improperly excluded LH from school without providing him with any educational services. The parent completed a form to convert the petition from mediation-only to one for a due process hearing. The parent is seeking representation in a due process proceeding that is already pending, possibly including filing for an order of emergent relief to get LH back in school.

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