Negotiation with district to obtain IEEs, comp. ed., and possible change of placement

JR is a 14-year-old 8th-grader who has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He is high functioning, but has frequent behavioral outbursts; the district’s response is to send him to the principal’s office or suspend him. In May, JR ran out of the school and no one noticed. Last year, the district failed to implement his speech-language therapy for months because the therapist retired, and still has not made up those hours, claiming there’s not enough time before he graduates. JR’s grandmother and legal guardian, GS, is seeking independent evaluations, compensatory services, and either an appropriate out-of-district placement or at least implementation of an appropriate IEP.

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Representation at settlement conference to request OOD placement, additional services, IEEs, and possible comp ed.

DW is a 16-year-old 11th-grader who has been diagnosed with autism and has severe cognitive and communication deficits. He is currently in a self-contained class for students with moderate intellectual disabilities with an aide, receiving twice-weekly group speech-language (SL) services. His program and goals focus more on academics than skills or behavior; there is only one transition-related goal, and it involves simply making a list of jobs in the community. DW’s mother, NW, requested IEEs last year, but those that were completed were insufficient and lack recommendations. NW did obtain a private psychological evaluation which recommends an out-of-district autism school and emphasizes that DW needs more vocational/life skills training and SL and OT services. After NW filed for due process, the district agreed to let her observe a different program for her son, but it was not appropriate to meet his needs. NW has a settlement conference scheduled for late August; she is seeking representation to obtain an appropriate placement for her son, OT and additional individual SL therapy, IEEs including an FBA, appropriate transition services, and compensatory education if warranted.

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