August 2018 Volunteer of the Month: Kathleen DeCelie

For many professionals, the greatest obstacle to volunteering is finding the time. But Prudential’s Kathleen DeCelie says this doesn’t have to be the case. She points to her experience, volunteering through VLJ, which has provided a variety of pro bono opportunities suitable to her schedule as a full-time attorney, wife and mother of two. “You choose how long and how much you want to do.  You can volunteer for four to five hours, no more.  And when you do, I promise that you will win,” says Kathleen. Nonetheless, she feels fortunate to work at a company where there is not only a commitment to pro bono but also an encouragement to do so. 

February 2018 Volunteer of the Month: Maritza Rodriguez

The dissolution of marriage is a profoundly stressful, emotional and life changing experience for all parties involved.  Maritza Rodriguez has devoted her entire career to helping clients from different backgrounds navigate the complicated legal process while offering them the emotional guidance and support along the way.

Spotlight on Service: Delia Murphy

Spotlight on Service: Delia Murphy

When Delia Murphy guides would-be litigants at VLJ’s Divorce Clinic every month, it’s clear that many of her nonlegal, as well as legal, experiences trained her for the role.

Delia, who has been lending her expertise to VLJ since its inception 15 years ago, runs a solo matrimonial law practice in Bloomfield.  Previously, she taught marketing part time at Saint Peter’s University in Jersey City and remains at ease in a teaching environment.