Good News: Expungement Campaign & Vacatur Success

VLJ launched a successful expungement campaign from July 15th to 26th to raise money for criminal record reports. Thanks to donors like you, we raised $4,650 to help over 100 clients get one step closer to clearing their records! This is truly life-changing. Thank you!

Expungement Campaign.png

Meghan* is a trafficking survivor who had a traumatic childhood made worse by homelessness and mental illness. Her trafficker forced her to commit crimes against her will, leading to a prostitution charge with an outstanding warrant. Volunteer attorney Jack Feinstein successfully argued for the warrant to be vacated and the open matter be dismissed in municipal court. Now Meghan is sober, employed, and working with a therapist and various social programs to improve the life of her and her young daughter. We are incredibly proud of Meghan and very thankful to Jack for his advocacy!