VLJ in the News: New Law Makes Expunging Records Easier

One of VLJ's own staff attorneys, Karen Robinson, was featured on NJTVNews this week, discussing new NJ expungement legislation. 

Some changes to the law that could have a big impact on our clients:

“Charges that don’t result in a conviction will automatically be expunged. You could seek the expungement of a misdemeanor after three years, instead of five and expunging a felony doesn’t preclude you from expunging a misdemeanor. Big changes for drug court graduates: that’ll get your record expunged, but it will become publicly-accessible again if you’re convicted later on and that would bar you from future expungements.”

For VLJ's ReLeSe (reentry legal services) clients, the benefit is easier and earlier access to expungement, and the opportunity to have a fully cleared record versus only one conviction removed. 

The NJTVNews segment also features a former ReLeSe driver's license restoration client, David Silva.