Volunteer Form

If you are a lawyer, admitted to practice in NJ (or admitted and in good standing in another state), and wish to get involved in Volunteer Lawyers for Justice (VLJ)'s pro bono program,  please complete the volunteer form below.

Upon completion you will be added to VLJ's listserv to begin receiving information about VLJ, organization updates, and upcoming events and CLE trainings. You will also be contacted by a VLJ representative with more information about VLJ's programs, how to get started and more. 

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Home Address (optional)
This address will be used to notify volunteers of VLJ events close to home and for us to better publicize the accomplishments of our exemplary volunteers in their home communities.
Certification & License in NJ
Please note, there are NJ Court rules that allow out-of-state licensed attorneys to volunteer with VLJ.
VLJ strives to provide actual values of donated legal services to our funders. We ask for your billable rate in order to have accurate information.
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Are you seeking to fulfill the 50-hour pro bono requirement for admission to the NY bar? *
If you are ONLY interested in gaining pro bono hours for the NY bar requirement, DO NOT SUBMIT THIS FORM (VLJ only accepts 50-hour volunteers during January, May and August. Applications can be submitted year round, but applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Visit http://www.vljnj.org/student-volunteer-opportunities/, to apply.)
1. I am interested in volunteering in the following capacity:
2. I am interested in learning more about the following VLJ programs:
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3. I am experienced in the following areas of law:
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4. I am willing to accept pro bono referrals in the following NJ counties:
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NOTE: If you are a lawyer with Merck & Co., Inc., PSEG, Prudential, AT&T, Gibbons PC, or McCarter & English, in addition to completing this form, please contact your internal pro bono coordinator.  We have partnerships with each of these firms and corporations and have a different training program for volunteers from these offices. All other volunteers will be contacted within a week with details about how to get started. 

If you are a law student, do not submit this form. Instead, please fill out VLJ's Student Opportunities form at, http://www.vljnj.org/student-volunteer-opportunities/.

If you have any questions about this form or our programs, please call us at (973) 645-1955.