Disaster Legal Response Program

This program assisted victims of Superstorm Sandy with legal issues stemming from the storm; common issues included insurance matters, contractor disputes, FEMA recoupment, grant appeals, and Blue Acres real estate closings.  PLEASE NOTE THAT AS OF 12/31/2017, THIS PROGRAM IS NO LONGER ACCEPTING NEW CASES.

Disaster Handbook

After Superstorm Sandy, attorneys from McCarter & English created a comprehensive handbook intended as a reference guide to those affected by Sandy.  It has since been adapted (by the New Jersey Statewide Disaster Legal Team) to apply to future disasters.  The handbook is available for download here: 

Know-Your-Rights Brochures


Home Repair Contracts


Informational Seminars

This video covers the foreclosure process, the costs and benefits of bankruptcy, and other approaches to financial empowerment for Sandy victims.

In this presentation, an attorney provides information for storm victims who are having issues with home improvement contractors.

This seminar covers everything you need to know before filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy