Passaic County



Negotiate with opposing party and draft motion for change of divorce order

BM is a disabled veteran seeking assistance with a post-judgment divorce matter. BM signed a divorce settlement while was recovering from cancer surgery and starting chemotherapy, which affected his ability to think clearly. His ex-wife was represented by counsel and he was not. He agreed to pay substantial alimony indefinitely and to give part of his pension to his ex-wife. He is now remarried with a new child and struggling to make the alimony payments and to meet the other obligations in the settlement. He wants to challenge the original order based on mental incompetency and/or amend the alimony order based on his changed circumstances.

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Prepare and file motion for removal of guardianship

HW is a veteran seeking assistance removing state guardianship. HW was assigned a state-appointed guardian when he fell into a coma last year. He is now recovered and living independently. However, because the guardian still has control of his finances, he has struggled to handle his own affairs. He seeks assistance drafting a motion to remove the state's guardianship. VLJ has already contacted the Office of the State Guardian, who has indicated that they will not contest the removal. HW needs assistance preparing and submitting the motion to remove guardianship with the Passaic Surrogate Court.

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