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JJ needs assistance in filing for divorce from his wife who currently resides in Passaic County. JJ is a disabled twenty-four year old who was placed in the custody of New Jersey's Juvenile Justice Commission from 2013 to 2018. He got married during his commitment at the Training School for Boys which is located in Middlesex County. When he was released in 2018, he moved to another state through the interstate compact. He does not have any reason why the divorce would be contested, as they have no children or property together. He is willing to come to NJ for the proceedings.

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Full representation

LG is a victim of human trafficking seeking assistance with termination of parental rights and adoption. LG was trafficked by her former partner and father of her two children for many years, until he was finally sent to jail for domestic violence. The trafficker was very abusive to LG and their children. LG has since married another man who has helped her raise the children. LG's husband would like to pursue step parent adoption. The trafficker is set to be released from jail this fall and has been threatening to take the children back to his home country. She would like to terminate the trafficker's parental rights prior to his release and have her husband pursue adoption of her two children.

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