Negotiation with the school district to obtain out-of-district placement and representation at a due process hearing or mediation if the district continues to deny an out-of-district placement.

LHG is a 7-year-old boy who is in kindergarten. He has a diagnosis of autism, ADHD and behavioral issues. Throughout pre-k, LHG was in an ABA program through LEAP (he had an extra year in pre-k). However, coming into kindergarten, he started to have problems. The school district did not have an ABA program that was appropriate for him. He was placed in a general education class. Although there is an inclusion teacher that comes into the class, she only comes in a few times per week. The parent obtained an independent evaluation, which was completed at the end of January 2019. The evaluation recommends that LHG needs a specialized ABA program. The parent has recently submitted the report, but the district has not been willing to consider an out-of-district for LHG. The parent is seeking an out-of-district placement for LHG in a school with a specialized ABA program. There is no pending litigation, although the parent is interested in filing for mediation or due process if the district continues to deny an out-of-district placement.

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