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Representation in warrant clearing for survivor of human trafficking

SJ seeks assistance with resolving two open prostitution charges from 2002 that occurred as a result of human trafficking. Due to nonappearance in court, there are bench warrants from Elizabeth Municipal Court.  In addition to vacating the bench warrants, there are persuasive arguments to dismiss the underlying charges. First, due to the age since the matters are over ten years old. Second, pursuant to N.J.S.A. 2C:34-1(e), it is an affirmative defense to a charge of prostitution if the defendant was the victim of human trafficking at the time of the alleged offense.   If the matters are dismissed, client could simultaneously apply for an automatic expungement. An expungement would leave her with a clear New Jersey criminal record.  Client lives in Brooklyn, N.Y. 

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Negotiate with opposing party and draft motion for change of divorce order

BM is a disabled veteran seeking assistance with a post-judgment divorce matter. BM signed a divorce settlement while was recovering from cancer surgery and starting chemotherapy, which affected his ability to think clearly. His ex-wife was represented by counsel and he was not. He agreed to pay substantial alimony indefinitely and to give part of his pension to his ex-wife. He is now remarried with a new child and struggling to make the alimony payments and to meet the other obligations in the settlement. He wants to challenge the original order based on mental incompetency and/or amend the alimony order based on his changed circumstances.

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