Negotiation with district to obtain OOD placement and possibly comp. ed. and IEEs

IM is a 13-year-old who just completed 8th grade and who has been diagnosed with major depressive disorder and anxiety. He has experienced school refusal, due in part to bullying that was not properly addressed. In March, IM began to refuse to attend school again; his treating psychiatrist wrote that it was medically necessary for him to be placed in a therapeutic school, and returning to the public school would exacerbate his psychiatric condition. However, the district refused to consider a change of placement. In addition, the district's recent evaluations are flawed in that portions of the WISC-V were omitted and IM was not screened for a possible specific learning disability in math. LM is seeking an out-of-district therapeutic placement, compensatory education if warranted, and possible independent evaluations.

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