Negotiation at IEP meeting; IHP; representation in retaliation action

KC is a 15-year-old 9th-grader who has cerebral palsy, a seizure disorder, and asthma, which makes him prone to upper respiratory infections. He has significant developmental delays and is dependent on a feeding tube. For years, the school bus has picked KC up last in the morning due to a complex and time-consuming morning routine including use of a feeding pump and feeding tube. However, KC's pick-up schedule has recently changed; the district claims it will affect other students and the bus schedules are up to the transportation company. In addition, the district has failed to provide appropriate transition services to KC. His IEP is vague and not tailored to his postsecondary needs. KC's mother, KW, believes the district may be retaliating against her in response to past advocacy. KW is seeking representation at KC's annual review in June, as well as an Individualized Healthcare Plan providing KC is picked up last on the bus, an appropriate transition plan in his IEP, and relief from retaliation if warranted.

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