Representation in resolving pending petition to continue special education; representation at mediation and due process hearing, if necessary.

DR is diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, Pediatric-Onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome. His immunologist indicates that the disease causes him severe fatigue, fluctuating cognitive activity/behavioral symptoms and recurrent sinopulmonary infection, along with feeling "foggy" and memory loss. He also takes medication for ADHD and anxiety/OCD. His latest IEP provides for in-class resource support for the three academic classes he is taking; modifications include reduced homework, home instruction after three documented sick days, extra time and explanation. The district now seeks to declassify him. DR's parents disagree with the district and are seeking an independent educational evaluation (IEE) to assess his educational need. The district refuses to provide IEE unless parents agree to the declassification. The parents have filed for mediation and the case is pending.

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