Representation at the IEP meeting (2/13/2019) and possible representation at a Due Process hearing if the relief sought at the IEP meeting cannot be obtained. Spanish speaking client.

MT is in a 3rd grade classroom, where he is receiving pull-out resource instruction in reading and writing. MT is followed by a neurodevelopmental pediatrician who diagnosed him with dyslexia and recommended a multi-sensory instruction program. MT was reevaluated recently and the reports confirm that he has severe discrepancy between his intellectual abilities, particularly his verbal comprehension, and his achievement that is characteristic of dyslexia. The reports also show that he is not making progress. Although his IEP lists in the modification section that MT should be provided with a multi-sensory approach, he is not receiving research-based instruction. The parent is seeking representation at the February 13th IEP meeting with the goal of requesting independent evaluations at the district's expense and negotiation with the district for a private out-of-district placement. The parent is Spanish-speaking only.

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