Negotiation with district to obtain new placement and counseling

JC is a 10-year-old student who just finished the 4th grade; he has been diagnosed with a learning disability and a speech and language impairment. JC has been bullied by other students (including physical abuse by one particular student) since February. In May, the bus driver informed JC’s mother, JH, that he observed JC kissing another boy on the bus. JC told his mother that he had been bullied into it, and also revealed another incident in which he was harassed into performing oral sex on another student on the school bus. JH immediately reported the incidents; the district filed a HIB report and informed DCPP. In June, the district found that the circumstances of the incident met the definition of HIB. JH is seeking another school for her son (which would not require him to take the bus) as well as counseling.

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