Assistance in obtaining new Section 8 voucher; possible defense against eviction proceeding (not yet filed)

SR, a single mother of four young children, has lived in an apartment for 2 years that she obtained through a Section 8 voucher, and has always paid her portion of the rent on time. In May, SR got into a fight with another tenant in the building, and the other tenant filed criminal charges. One of SR’s conditions of release was that she would not be able to return to the apartment building pending the outcome of her case. In July, SR was notified that Section 8 had ceased paying the remainder of her rent because she has been out of her apartment for more than 30 days. She was told that she could appeal the determination by requesting a hearing, but has not received any written notification with more information. In August, SR was told by her management company that, as a result of Section 8 having stopped paying the rent, SR will soon be evicted (though an eviction proceeding has not yet been initiated). SR’s goal is to find a new apartment with a new Section 8 voucher, and to avoid having an eviction on her record.

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