Settlement conference – August 9th

Representation at settlement conference to obtain appropriate placement, IEEs, transition plan, 1:1 aide, and comp. ed.

GE is a 6-year-old who just finished Kindergarten. He has been diagnosed with ADHD and speech articulation deficits. Since preschool, he has had behavioral outbursts and incidents of aggression in school, but has not received sufficient positive behavior supports, an effective behavior plan, or consistent speech-language services. In November 2017, he transferred as a Kindergartener to a charter school, but was only permitted to attend school for five hours a day as a result of his behavior. He was placed on home instruction due to his behavior in January. Despite the fact that his IEP lists counseling and speech services, GE did not receive any while he was on home instruction. In late April, he returned to school, but only for two hours a day. GE’s mother, ME, does not know if her son will be retained. ME filed for due process in April and has a settlement conference scheduled for August 9th. She is seeking an appropriate placement for her son, independent evaluations, a transition plan, a one-to-one aide, and compensatory education.

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