MH served in the Army in the 1960s. His mother died when he was 9 months and her cousin raised him. She registered him for school using her last name and that is the name he has been using since, which is different than the name on his birth certificate. In the 90s he got a DUI and his license was suspended. He completed the required classes. He went to the DMV to reinstate his license but he was denied because his birth certificate shows a name different than what is on his other documents. There is a letter from the MVC that references fraud/misuse of his driver’s license (presumably a misunderstanding resulting from his conflicting birth certificate). He has a hearing date with the MVC on July 27 (it’s possible that this hearing can be avoided or rescheduled but volunteer attorney would make contact with the MVC ASAP before this date). It would be worthwhile to review the 6-point ID requirements from the MVC and see if he has other documentation, such as a US passport, that he can use in lieu of the birth certificate. His first choice is to not go through the name change process unless there is no other choice. If that doesn’t work, the client would need assistance with filing a name change application with Superior Court and, ultimately, with restoring his driver’s license.

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