Representation at due process hearing to obtain out-of-district placement and possible comp. ed.

KG is a 14-year-old 8th-grader who has been diagnosed with a learning disability. The I&RS team had begun the evaluation process in March when KG was attacked by another girl in school who had been bullying her and attempted to defend herself. The district suspended KG for fighting and transferred her indefinitely to a “45-day” alternative school, along with the bully. At a hearing before the school board, KG’s mother, SH, requested witness statements, but did not receive any. No evidence or charges were presented. KG is now required to ride the same bus as the bully to the alternative program, so she refuses to attend, and has been out of school for several months. SH has been threatened with truancy proceedings. The district recently agreed to place KG on home instruction, but only for a week while they finally conduct a HIB complaint investigation after KG received another threatening text from the bully. SH is seeking representation in negotiating with the district or a possible follow-up discipline hearing to request reinstatement in KG’s regular school, an expedited reevaluation and IEP process, and protection against retaliation or further bullying, in addition to possible compensatory. 

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