Lehigh county (pa) - EXPUNGEMENT

Review of case file and eligibility assessment

DR needs further help determining eligibility for expungement. It is clear that he has 1 indictable offense from January 1992 and 2 dismissals. However, his CCH also shows (1) an April 1992 arrest with an unavailable disposition and (2) a 2009 charge with an outstanding bench warrant for another person. He was with this other person in a car at the time of the arrest but CCH shows her name – not his, and it is unclear why this would show up on his CCH. We are seeking a volunteer attorney to (1) obtain disposition of 1992 case and (2) make phone calls to understand why someone else’s charge is on his CCH. The volunteer attorney would then assess client’s eligibility for expungement. If these two issues do not bar him from expungement, client or attorney would obtain proof of fines paid and time served for the convictions on his record. Finally, if client is eligible, volunteer attorney could assist drafting the petition for expungement.

To review, email donuschak@vljnj.org