Representation at IEP meeting, mediation, or due process to obtain IEEs, appropriate placement, comp. ed., and HIB investigation

JD is a 7-year-old 1st-grader who has been diagnosed with PTSD as a result of sexual abuse by another child, as well as epilepsy. He has had behavioral outbursts since kindergarten. Despite being at or above grade level academically, JD was placed in a self-contained class described in his IEP as a multiple disabilities class, but described to JD’s mother, YC, as a behavioral disabilities class. The placement has not significantly improved JD’s behaviors and his parents still receive calls about his behaviors on a regular basis. YC expressed concern that JD would learn new undesirable behaviors in this class. In November, another boy showed JD how to set a fire; after school, JD set a fire in his home that endangered the entire family. JD’s IEP lists academic goals but only one for counseling/affective. JD has also been bullied at school, but the district has failed to sufficiently address it. YC is seeking independent evaluations in all areas previously addressed as well as a complete behavior evaluation by a BCBA that includes development of an appropriate BIP, a placement for next year in a less restrictive environment, compensatory services as a result of the district’s failures, and a proper HIB investigation.

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