Representation at IEP meeting, mediation, or due process to obtain IEEs, appropriate placement, and comp. ed.

LB is a 10-year-old 4th-grader who has been diagnosed with a learning disability, ADHD, ODD, and an anxiety disorder. He has had behavioral outbursts that resulted in the school calling his mother, PL, to come pick him up on several occasions. LB’s IEP requires him to have a one-to-one aide, but he has not been provided with one. In December 2017, the district failed to notice that LB had not gone to his usual after-school program; while he was eventually found in the school building, he had been unsupervised for that time. In February, PL requested in writing an out-of-district placement, independent educational evaluations (IEEs) at the district’s expense including an FBA, and a BIP. The district refused to conduct any evaluations and has not created a BIP. PL is seeking an attorney to help her obtain IEEs, placement in an out-of-district school that can support LB’s emotional/behavioral needs as well as his learning disability, an appropriate BIP for his current IEP in the meantime, and compensatory services if warranted.

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