Representation at mediation to obtain appropriate IEP and services

AT is a 12-year-old student classified as multiply disabled. Despite recommendations of PROMPT therapy from an independent speech and language evaluation and OT therapy from an independent OT evaluation, the district rejected the proposal of PROMPT therapy and has indicated that it will terminate OT therapy in June. AT’s mother, MG, filed for due process within 15 days to invoke stay-put. MG also noted in her due process petition that the district inaccurately classified AT as multiply disabled, failed to adequately address reading comprehension, spelling, and writing, and included vague and immeasurable goals and objectives in AT’s IEP. Mediation was scheduled for early March, but the district cancelled it because it was unable to find a space to hold the mediation, and now the case is proceeding to a hearing; the first date is March 22nd. MG is seeking representation to obtain an appropriate IEP including providing AT with PROMPT therapy (current and compensatory) and continuation of OT after June.

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