Representation at due process to obtain appropriate program and IEE

IJ is a 9-year-old 4th-grader who has been diagnosed with autism. Although his program is supposed to be ABA-based, IJ’s father, GJ, does not believe it is. The district has used an internet-based program with little or no data. Although it was never reported to GJ, school records revealed three instances where IJ ran out of class, and once he ran into an area with cars. The district also failed to provide IJ with his augmentative communication device for a period of time, even though it was called for in his IEP. For years, there were no real IEP meetings; GJ would simply be asked to come in and sign the document. GJ went to mediation in February, which was unsuccessful. He is seeking representation at a hearing (not yet scheduled) to obtain an appropriate ABA-based program and possibly an independent evaluation as well.

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