Seeking representation in lawsuit against employer

ZB is a 28-year-old single mother of two young children.  In September, she was sexually harassed at work.  She reported the incident, and her employer has promised her that they will transfer her to a different position in February.  Since the incident, however, ZB has been having severe anxiety and panic attacks, and has been self-medicating with alcohol.  In November, ZB’s employer put her in a mental health program to address anxiety and substance abuse.  She is currently receiving worker’s compensation but is unable to receive short-term disability benefits.  ZB is unsure if she will be compensated when she begins a new position in a few weeks.  An attorney who did a consultation with ZB determined that she had enough information to go to the EEOC with her complaint.  ZB is now seeking an attorney who could represent her in a lawsuit against her employer.

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