Filing of a Tort Claims notice or complaint with NJDOE and/or negotiation with school

JD is an 11-year-old 6th-grader at a charter school. She has been bullied by at least two classmates since the beginning of the school year. Although she has reported the bullying to school officials, it has continued. The school has never conducted an HIB investigation nor provided JD’s mother, AM, with any information at all. In December, JD wrote a note to her teacher, indicating that she was tired of the bullying and planning to kill herself the following day. The teacher did not read the letter but gave it to the school social worker, who notified AM. AM took her daughter to the hospital where she was admitted to the psychiatric department for a week. JD was out of school for a month, but has since returned. AM has requested that JD be separated from the two girls who have bullied her, but the school has refused and suggested that JD change schools. AM is seeking an attorney who could file a Tort Claims notice, negotiate appropriate supports at school that will allow JD to remain at her current school but separate from the girls who have been bullying her, or file a complaint with NJDOE’s Office of Controversies and Disputes if this cannot be obtained through negotiation.

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