Seeking representation at mediation/due process hearing, to be scheduled for 12/27 or 12/28.

GN, age 11, is diagnosed with Autism, Epilepsy, Klippel-Trenuany Weber Syndrome, learning disorders, sensory disorders, communication disorders, and anxiety. In November, without informing the parents, the district placed GN in a harness during his bus rides to and from out-of-district school. The district failed to provide the parents with the incident reports that allegedly triggered the use of a harness during bus rides. The mother provided three letters from GN's treating doctors stating that given GN's medical condition, a harness should not be used because it is detrimental to his health and further increases his anxiety and his self-injurious behaviors. Moreover, his neurologist concluded that given GN's rare genetic condition, GN developed left-sided hematoma due to the use of the harness during school bus rides. The parents filed a petition for due process in order for the district to immediately stop the use of a harness during bus rides. The parents are seeking representation at mediation/due process hearing.

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