Representation at mediation to secure an appropriate IEP and appropriate placement.

IA, age 5, is diagnosed with Autism and Oppositional Defiant Disorder. IA’s parent, MS, reports IA was originally placed in a generic preschool disabilities class and after the last IEP, placed in a learning and language disabilities class. MS believe IA should be in an ABA-based class. In October 2019, he was referred to an out-of-district placement due to his behavior. MS states that he was referred out-of-district only because the District does not have room in its own ABA classes. MS disagreed with that decision and filed a request for mediation on November 5th to challenge the out-of-district placement and invoke “stay put,” but the District disregarded IA’s right to stay put and excluded him from school beginning on November 12. Since the parent had no other choice, she agreed to home instruction, which commenced three weeks later. MS is seeking representation at mediation to secure an appropriate IEP and placement.

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