Representation at mediation with the goal of securing  an out-of-district placement in a therapeutic day school addressing psychiatric, behavioral, developmental, and academic needs of the child.

JD, age 7, is diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, global developmental delays, behavior challenges and ADHD. He is receiving special education under categorization of “moderate intellectual disability” in a multiply disabled classroom. The district refuses to conduct an FBA and refuses to consider revising the IEP despite persistent, significant behavioral issues. The district is refusing to assess communication-related needs such as the need for assistive/augmentative technology. Information from JD’s recent partial hospitalization supports the claim for an intensive, psychiatrically-informed placement. JD’s mother filed for due process in October seeking appropriate therapeutic out-of-district placement and home instruction in the meantime. Mediation was scheduled for December 3rd, parent advised not to sign anything she did not agree with.

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