Representation at due process hearing to obtain out-of-district placement, IEEs, and comp. ed. Client speaks Portuguese.

HD is a 9-year-old who has been diagnosed with autism and has behavioral issues. HD has recently been coming home with his ears red or swollen and welts on his back. HD’s mother, MD, spoke with her son’s doctor, who advised her not to send him back to school and instead to take him for X-rays and to see a neurologist. A DCPP investigation has been initiated and is still ongoing. MD filed for due process, requesting an out-of-district placement. At mediation, the district refused to agree to an out-of-district placement. MD is seeking representation at a due process hearing to obtain an out-of-district placement, independent evaluations if necessary, and compensatory education. The initial settlement conference was held in January ; hearing dates have not been set yet.

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