Negotiation with school district to obtain neurological evaluation and 1:1 aide. Client speaks Portuguese.

DS is a 5-year-old Kindergartener who has been diagnosed with a learning disability. He also may have a communication impairment, since he has significant receptive and expressive language difficulties. DS’s mother, BS, asked the CST to complete a neurological assessment to identify any underlying cause of DS’s disability; the CST told her to obtain such an evaluation on her own, but she could not afford the $1,000 cost. BS made a second request, in writing, but has not received a response. After DS’s teacher told BS that DS needs more individualized attention in school, BS also made a written request for a 1:1 aide, but has not received a response to that request either. BS is seeking an attorney to help her obtain a neurological evaluation and 1:1 aide for DS, or alternatively, independent and neurological assessments.

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