Z.A. is a 20 year old, unemployed tenant and single woman who is expecting her first child in May. Landlord filed an eviction proceeding for nonpayment of rent. The apartment has multiple safety and health concerns, and Z.A. asserted the implied warranty of habitability defense at her December hearing. Due to a mistake with the court, confusion ensued and client did not deposit the money as directed by the judge into escrow resulting in a default judgment. Client has since deposited her rent in escrow and has photographs and written messages to her Landlord detailing the hazardous conditions. Code Enforcement has also inspected the property and ordered the Landlord to make essential repairs, some of which have already begun. Client wishes to remain in the apartment and seeks a rent abatement. VLJ filed an Order to Show Cause to vacate the default judgment. Hearing is scheduled for Monday, January 22ndat 11 am in Newark. Full representation opportunity. 

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