Note client is Spanish-speaking. Negotiation with district regarding IEEs, IEP amendments, and comp. ed.

MT is a 7-yr-old who just completed 1st grade. He has been diagnosed with dyslexia, but was only found eligible for special education services in May 2017 after MT’s mother, MM, obtained a private neurodevelopmental evaluation. Despite his diagnosis, his IEP does not include any multi-sensory reading instruction and offers only 30 minutes per day of pull-out supplementary instruction for reading and language arts. The district told MT’s mother, MM, that it does not have any teachers who are certified to teach dyslexic students. MT’s inability to read is impacting his self-esteem and willingness to go to school; he has been calling himself stupid and becoming withdrawn. MM is seeking an independent educational and speech-language evaluation if warranted, an IEP that provides for intensive multi-sensory direct reading instruction using a research-based method from a qualified teacher, and compensatory educational services if warranted.

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