Advice and representation to administer estate of deceased uncle. Attorney must have prior experience handling estate administration matters. 

AB is a veteran client seeking assistance in probating his uncle’s estate.  In 1970’s AB’s mother and his uncle jointly purchased a home in Essex County as tenants in common.  Parties shared equal ownership of the home.  Later, uncle died intestate leaving his two sons as his only beneficiaries.  One of the son’s applied and became the administrator of the uncle’s estate.  However, the administration of this estate was never completed. Years later, client’s mother became very ill and transferred her interest in the home to her daughter, AB’s sister.  At the time of the transfer AB nor his sister were aware that uncle’s estate had a remaining interest in the home.  AB and his sister paid the outstanding mortgage and taxes on the property.  The home is in need of major renovations.  AB’s sister sold him the home for a nominal amount and transferred the title to him.  Believing he was the sole owner of the property, AB took out an unsecured personal loan so he could begin making repairs.  AB tried to refinance the property so he can finish all repairs to the home.  At that time he learned that uncle’s estate still has an interest in the home.  AB must settle the estate before he can move forward with additional repairs.  AB believes his cousins may waive their interest to this property.  AB is seeking a consultation with an attorney to discuss his options.  

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