Review of file and discussion of legal options

JD is a disabled veteran.  In October 2015, he signed a contract with a company that specializes in solar energy services.  The company agreed to install solar panels in his home.  However, the panels were not sufficient to power his home.  The contract JD signed also lists someone else’s name and address as the homeowner.  In addition, JD is now being billed both by the solar company and by his utility company each month, which he cannot afford.  The solar company is now demanding payment.  It has suggested that JD could enter into a payment plan, but he is living paycheck to paycheck and is unable to pay the amount they have requested each month.  JD is seeking an attorney to review the contract and determine if the charges for which he is being billed are appropriate, and what his options are.

To review, email donuschak@vljnj.org