Representation at IEP meeting to obtain appropriate services

MP is a 7-yr-old who just completed 2nd grade in a language learning disabilities class; he has been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder and has attention and social reciprocity difficulties. After the district reevaluated MP earlier this year, the results of the speech-language evaluation revealed that his pragmatic language skills are poor. Despite this, the district reduced the amount of MP’s speech-language, as well as occupational therapy (OT), services for next year. MP also receives individual counseling sessions once a week for 20 minutes, which is insufficient to address his social reciprocity issues. MM has had to pay for private social skills instruction for MP since the district is not providing it. The district has also failed to complete any evaluations of MP’s social/emotional/behavioral needs or develop appropriate goals and objectives for them. MP’s mother, MM, requested an independent speech evaluation, and the district filed for due process to avoid having to pay for it. During a settlement conference call in August, the district agreed to make some changes to MP’s speech, OT, and PT services, but MM has yet to receive or sign any kind of settlement agreement.  She is seeking an attorney to represent her at an IEP meeting to ensure that the district follow through on its promises

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