Negotiation with contractor or representation in lawsuit

CL and her husband hired a contractor through a state grant program to repair and elevate their Sandy-damaged home. They signed an agreement in June 2016, but it did not include an end date or time period for completion of the work. CL paid the contractor almost $23k for the first phase of work, but he failed to complete most of it. Of the work he did complete, much of it was done incorrectly, and will cost CL between $50k and $70k to fix. CL sent the contractor two certified letters, one in February and one in April, putting him on notice of the work that was done improperly and requesting that he fix it, but he never responded. CL, her husband, and their 3 young children are displaced and desperate to return home, as the children are sharing a bedroom and the entire family is sharing a bathroom. CL is seeking an attorney who could negotiate with the contractor or, if necessary, file a lawsuit seeking a refund of the $23k payment as well as the cost to repair the work that was done improperly.

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