Negotiation with district regarding classification and placement

NM is a 5-yr-old Kindergartener who has been diagnosed with ADHD and “destructive behavior,” but not yet deemed eligible for special education services.  NM’s mother, QS, lost her job in November at least in part because of repeated calls (2 to 3 times per week) to pick up her son.  Recently, the district told QS to keep her son home because Kindergarten is not mandatory; however, she continued to bring him to school.  Additionally, the school nurse has been attempting to get NM’s psychiatrist to provide him stronger drugs, with which QS does not agree.  In late April, QS was told that her son could not return until he had a psychiatric clearance.  Despite all of this, and despite QS’s request in March, the district has never evaluated NM.  QS is seeking a determination that her son is eligible for special education services and the development of an IEP with an appropriate placement and positive behavior interventions and supports.

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