Essex County - Special Education

Negotiation with school district or representation at due process hearing

MC is a 13-yr-old student who has been diagnosed with autism.  Although enrolled in an autism program, he is not making adequate progress in independent living and communication skills and engages in repetitive self-injurious behavior that is not adequately addressed at school.  The district agreed to do a functional behavioral assessment (FBA) but it was completed by someone who did not have the appropriate qualifications.  The district also agreed to increase his speech therapy, but MC’s grandmother and legal guardian, EC, does not believe these services are being provided.  MC’s behavior has also not been addressed.  EC requested an independent educational evaluation (IEE), but the district denied the request and filed for due process. Mediation is tentatively scheduled for June 6th. EC is seeking representation at the mediation to obtain an IEE and, if necessary, appropriate intensive ABA-based program out of district.

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