Passaic County - Special education

Representation at IEP meeting

JO is a 15-yr-old 9th-grader who has serious emotional problems which have resulted in extreme anxiety, social conflicts, self-injurious behavior, and “crisis” intervention multiple times over the last few years.  Many of the problems began after her father was released from prison when she was in the 5th grade.  However, JO is only classified as a student with a learning disability and is placed in a self-contained class in a large high school.  In November 2016, the Director of Special Education directed the Child Study Team to add counseling and other accommodations to JO’s IEP, but they never did.  JO’s mother, KV, is seeking an appropriate IEP for her daughter and possibly a small therapeutic school.  She is looking for someone to represent her at an IEP meeting.

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