JB is a 55 year-old disabled veteran seeking assistance with a child support matter in Bergen County. JB lives in Atlantic County.  JB's only source of income is from social security disability benefits.  He needs assistance with filing a motion to modify (decrease) support he is paying for his three children.  There are several issues in this case including, that as his oldest child was emancipated under the new emancipation law, child support still needs to be recaluated for his remaining  children who are still minors.  Moreoever, his children may have received a derivitive from his social security disability award, which was not propertly credited to the outstanding arrearages in this case.  Additionally, JB has to two minor children, with his current spouse, were never taken into consideration when child support was calculated in the Bergen County case.  JB needs representation to have a motion to modify support based on all the reasons above.

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