ocean county - divorce

Negotiation and litigation.  Assist with the completion of discovery.  This matter is likely to go to trial. Motion filed by client scheduled for April 28, 2017.  Case to be scheduled for Early Settlement Panel and trial after motion.

WW is a disabled veteran and a victim of domestic violence.  Parties married in 1998 and she has two minor children with her husband, CW.  Over the course of their 18 year marriage, WW was physically abused by CW.  CW has exhibited violent behaviors in front of the children. CW left the marital home and moved to another state after an incident where he physically harmed one of their children.  Then in 2012, the marital home was almost destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.  Since the home was inhabitable, WW and her children had to live in temporary housing for several years.  The home had significant repairs and in some areas was completely rebuilt.  WW was able to secure grants and used her own funds to rebuild the marital home.  As construction was completed, WW and her children were able to move back into the marital home.  In 2016, WW filed for divorce in Ocean County.  She is seeking alimony, equitable distribution of marital debts and assets, and child support.  CW has been the primary wage earner for the family while WW stayed home to care for their children.  WW has not worked in the last 13 years and she is the children’s primary caretaker.  CW filed a response to the divorce complaint and is currently represented by counsel.  Previously, WW was represented by counsel, but she is now pro se and needs an attorney to represent her for the remainder of the case.  Discovery needs to be completed. 

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