Negotiation with contractor or, if necessary, arbitration or litigation

CD received a state grant to repair her home.  She hired a contractor in August 2014 to elevate her home and install a new foundation for a total price of $59k.  The contract she signed did not list an end date or time period for completion of the work, a three-day right of rescission, the contractor’s registration number, or information on his certificate of general liability insurance.  CD paid the contractor $45k.  He elevated the home, but the rest of the work is not finished.  He also did much of the work improperly, including demolishing the back deck instead of elevating it.  For the past two years, the contractor has refused to finish the work and demanded the remainder of the contract price.  In February 2017, CD sent the contractor a letter putting him on notice of the work that was done improperly and that needed to be completed, and giving him an opportunity to cure the defects.  The contractor wrote back and again demanded more money.  CD is seeking an attorney to help her negotiate with the contractor or, if necessary, to pursue him in arbitration or litigation.

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