Request for and representation at IEP meeting to advocate for appropriate IEP and possible out-of-district placement

DH is an 11-yr-old 5th-grader who has been diagnosed with autism (high functioning), PTSD, and ADHD. He has severe behavioral problems and regularly swears, breaks things, or threatens to kill himself or others. DH has been in a district behavioral disorders class for at least two years, but had not made any progress. The district does not report every infraction to DH’s mother, AK, but the vice principal has indicated that he has a folder full of disciplinary reports. DH’s current program does not have a regular teacher so he has a different substitute teacher almost every day. DH is also being bullied in class, but despite AK’s reporting these incidents to the CST, nothing has been done to address the bullying. AK is seeking representation at an IEP meeting to review new evaluations and, if appropriate, to advocate for an out-of-district placement for her son.

To review, email donuschak@vljnj.org