Client is seeking full representation in divorce matter. Please note client is Spanish-speaking. 

MI is a Spanish-speaking 58-year-old disabled woman. The parties married in 1997. She has limited English proficiency. Due to her disability, which she sustained during employment, MI has been unemployed for the last 17 years.. The parties jointly own a 3-family home. The parties reside in their marital home and occupy one of the floors, and the other two they rent out to their two tenants. The house was in foreclosure because the former tenant was not paying rent.  Presently, the parties entered into a modification agreement with the bank in order to avoid foreclosure. The husband is employed full-time but has not contributed to any household related expenses and does not provide any financial assistance to MI The husband was in a car accident and has reached a settlement, the amount of which is unknown to MI  MI is seeking divorce, alimony, equitable distribution, and any other relief she is entitled to.

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