Representation at mediation and, if necessary, a due process hearing

EC is an 11-yr-old 6th-grader who has been diagnosed with dyslexia. He also has expressive language difficulties that do not seem to be adequately addressed in his current program. The district reevaluated EC in May 2016, but does not appear to have done an appropriate dyslexia screening as required under NJ law. EC’s test results make it clear that his reading achievement is significantly below his cognitive abilities. In March, EC’s mother, JA, went to mediation and signed a settlement agreement in which the district agreed to place EC in an after-school program 3 days a week for 1 hour per day. However, the reading programs that were provided to EC were inappropriate and not consistent with recommendations in a recent psychological evaluation. EC’s reading scores have not improved at all. JA is seeking an out-of-district placement that specializes in students with dyslexia as well as compensatory services.

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